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Cash Back App: Fetch Rewards

What is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards App on iPhone

Fetch Rewards is another one of my favorite cash back/rebate apps. I love it because it allows you to scan almost any receipt, with ANY purchase(s), and you will earn points that can be converted into cash back.

You can scan receipts from grocery retailers, supermarkets, club wholesalers (like Costco – woo hoo), home improvement/hardware stores, pet stores and convenience stores (like 7-11)!! That’s a lot of stores!

Scroll down to check out my how to use Fetch Rewards video for step-by-step instructions.

How it works?

  • Buy anything you want or products from offers/brands they list
  • Scan your receipt
  • Get points/cash back

Each time you scan a receipt, you will get 25 points (NO MATTER WHAT YOU BUY). To earn MORE points, you can buy products that are listed in the Special Offers section, inside the app. If you purchase items from that list, you’ll earn extra points. They also have a really long list of brands that they partner with. If you buy products from those specific brands, you will also earn extra points.

Unlike the other cash back apps, you don’t have to active, or apply offers to your account before you shop. You just scan you receipt (take a picture of it), and the points get applied to your account automatically. You can upload up to 14 receipts PER week! That’s a lot of receipts! It’s really easy!

Works with some online shopping now too!

As of February 2019, Fetch Rewards now has cash back offers for and (if you connect your email) and (if you connect to your Amazon account). They are working on adding more.

In order to get points for online shopping, you must “Connect” your accounts inside the Fetch Rewards app. As of February 2019, you are only able to connect your email if you use, Gmail, AOL, or Outlook. Yahoo says it’s coming soon.

Connect your accounts for online shopping rewards:

  • Open Fetch Rewards
  • Click on “Me” at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the “Shop Online?” box
  • Connect your Amazon account
  • Connect your email account (it will search for e-receipts in your inbox)
  • Get points/cash back automatically

NO NEED TO SCAN YOUR RECEIPT. EASY! If you make any online purchases from the stores I mentioned above, it will automatically apply the points into your account.

How does the CASH BACK part work?

Ok, so this part might seem a little tricky at first but it’s easy once you get the hang of it!

Each time you “do deals” (buy products and scan your receipts – or shop online) you earn points. These points get collected in your Fetch Rewards account. (You can see your earnings in the “Rewards > Points” section of the app). You are not able to convert those points into money until you reach the cashout minimum. As of February 2019, the cashout minimum is 3,000 points ($3). It’s super low which is one of the many reasons I love this app!

Once you reach at least 3,000 points ($3), you can can convert those points into money in the form of a gift card (they have a lot of gift card options to choose from). I usually cash out with an Amazon gift card since I shop online a lot, or a Target gift card because I do a lot of deals at Target, but you can pick anything you want!

If you sign up using my referral code: TM3YK you will earn BONUS points when you scan your first receipt which will get you SUPER close to that cashout minimum. I’ve seen Fetch Rewards offer 4,000 BONUS points to new referrals (that’s $4 – just for using the referral code). The referal bonus changes but most of the time you’ll get at least 3,000 points ($3!)

How to use Fetch Rewards video:

Video coming soon

Ready to sign up?

SIGN UP NOW! I know you have some receipts laying around that you can turn into POINTS on the spot!

To sign up click this link from your phone: or download the app from the App Store or Google Play

If you use my referral code, we will both get some bonus points!

Referral Code: TM3YK

Fetch Rewards Cheat Sheet

Here’s a quick guide to everything you need to remember about using Fetch Rewards.

  • Use my referral code when signing up for a bonus: TM3YK
  • Earn points for some online shopping (connect your accounts!)
  • Limit of 14 receipts per week
  • You have 14 days to submit your receipt (don’t forget!)
  • Works at almost any store (Costco, 7/11, Dollar Tree etc…)
  • 1,000 points = $1
  • Cashout minimum: 3,000 points/$3 (Gift Card)

EASY TIP: If you are buying the Sunday newspaper (for the coupons), think about getting your paper at 7/11 for example. You will be able to submit your 7/11 receipt for points! Why not earn points for buying coupons that will also save you some money! DOUBLE WIN!

I will always try to include Fetch Rewards cash back offers in the deals I post if they are applicable. I try to make it really easy for you to save money.

Remember: You can use cash back apps in addition to in-store sales, store coupons AND manufacture coupons. This helps maximize the savings! STACK STACK STACK!

Learn about COUPON MAGIC (Coupon Stacking) here.

Quick Tip:

When signing up for cash back apps or other “couponing” related things, you will always be asked for a valid email address when you are signing up.

Before starting your couponing/money saving adventure, I always recommend that you create at LEAST one dedicated “couponing” email account, but 2 is better!

Read more about this in my blog post:Why you should have dedicated email addresses for “couponing

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