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Cash Back App: SavingStar

What is SavingStar

Cash back SavingStar

SavingStar is yet another one of the popular cash back/rebate apps that I use when I’m “couponing“. This app, like Checkout 51, has a lot of offers for food, but it also has a lot of offers for personal care, beauty, and sometimes even pet food offers.

Scroll down to check out my how to use SavingStar video for step-by-step instructions.

How it works?

  • Find offers for products you want
  • Load them into your account BEFORE you purchase the products
  • Buy the products in store
  • Scan your receipt
  • Get cash back

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember about this app is that you must load offers into your account BEFORE you purchase the products. If you do not load them first, you will NOT get the cash back.

The coolest thing about this app is that it has a feature that allows you to connect loyalty cards to the app. For example, if you have a CVS Extra Care card (which you totally should have!) you can link it to the app and anytime you “do a deal”, it will automatically apply the cash back without having to scan your receipt (just don’t forget to actually use the loyalty card at the store 😉). This is awesome if sometimes you forget to scan your receipts when you get back from shopping. (But you really should get in the habit of scanning them right away so you don’t miss out on $$$!)

Note: If you are linking your loyalty cards the cash back can take anywhere from 2-10 days to show up in your account. The first time I did this, it took like 5 days and I got worried that I wasn’t going to get the cash back and that maybe did something wrong. It worked though, it just took a while. 🙂

Remember, since some stores do not have loyalty cards, instead, you will just scan your receipt to get the cash back.

Note: Checkout 51 and SavingStar share info, so sometimes you will see that some offers can’t be used if you have already redeemed them in a different cash back app. (What does this for you? I have some specific tips for you in my blog post: “Why you should have dedicated email addresses for “couponing“).

3 DAY DEADLINE: The deadline for submitting receipts is very short! Unlike the other apps, in SavingStar, you only have 3 days to submit them, so make sure you don’t forget!

Like Checkout 51 (read my post about Checkout 51 here), the cashout minimum is $20. That means, that in order to “cash out” (get the money you have earned), you need to earn at least $20 first. This might seem like a lot and maybe not worth the effort but do not be discouraged by that! Every little bit counts right? You’ll be making money in other ways (with other apps, coupons etc…) so waiting on that $20 minimum shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

How does the CASH BACK part work?

Once you reach the $20 cash back minimum, you can request for the money to be deposited into your bank account, sent through PayPal, or paid out with gift card (there’s only 3 choices right now: Starbucks, iTunes or AMC Theatres). Do you have any other gift card options in your SavingStar account? Let me know!

How to use SavingStar video:

Video coming soon

Ready to sign up?

To sign up download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

SavingStar Cheat Sheet

Here’s a quick guide to everything you need to remember about using SavingStar.

  • You MUST load offers BEFORE you buy
  • Shares info with Checkout51
  • You can link loyalty cards (takes 2-10 days for the cash back)
  • You only have 3 days to submit your receipt!
  • You can check and load offers on the app or website
  • Cashout minimum: $20 (PayPal, bank deposit, or Gift Card)

I will always try to include SavingStar cash back offers in the deals I post if they are applicable. I try to make it really easy for you to save money.

Remember: You can use cash back apps in addition to in-store sales, store coupons AND manufacture coupons. This helps maximize the savings! STACK STACK STACK!

Learn about COUPON MAGIC (Coupon Stacking) here.

Quick Tip:

When signing up for cash back apps or other “couponing” related things, you will always be asked for a valid email address when you are signing up.

Before starting your couponing/money saving adventure, I always recommend that you create at LEAST onededicated“couponing” email account, but 2 is better!

Read more about this in my blog post:Why you should have dedicated email addresses for “couponing

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